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Busy Shapes

Interactive learning table

Busy Shapes helps children improve their ability to handle simple objects through a series of puzzles, in which they must change simple shapes and place them in proper holes. Along the way, the app responds to each child’s actions with positive guidance and motivation, and never with discouragement.

Tic Toc Time

Discover the mechanism of time

Children always learn how to read the time with great difficulties. Once too often, we start teaching them through a direct and abrupt reading of the hands on a dial. It is for that reason that the team of Seven Academy has put together with the help of scientific experts, the story of the game Tic Toc Time.

Le bonheur de lire

Play with French words

Very young children can learn to recognize written words that are related to their world. In the kangaroo’s shop, words can be traded for gold coins. To win virtual coins, children will have to play the 5 mini-games. A good opportunity to start reading !
Visit the site Le bonheur de lire dès 3 ans

Count up to 10

First mathematical concepts

Your children will enjoy learning how to count up to ten with our 4 mini-games. Penguins show them the 10 numbers, the mole teaches them how to trace each digit, the ray waits for its guiding fish to swim, and the elephants hold each other by the tail to form groups. A wonderful world where kids can discover mathematics while having fun!

Discover Paris

Visit the French capital

Take a ride to Paris: your kids will learn while playing fun games! The 12 sites described offer a good opportunity to learn about many cultural aspects: art, music, history. Discover Paris will captivates the attention of children: don't be surprise if they ask to play over and over! The scenario was written by a journalist who holds a special knowledge of the city.

The Cicada and the Ant

My first fable

By reading this interactive story, children enjoy playing while learning new words. They can appropriate these words to develop new skills to identify them. It’s a perfect experience to learn how to read. All the interactive elements give a catchy touch to this game. It also helps to discover what is the true meaning of the fable.

Intelligent Platform

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